Zinc coated slide


Zinc coated slide

Zinc coated slide details

The extractable SRS slides can be of various sizes and for various applications. They can be used for:

  • Cylinder holder
  • Bring fire extinguishers
  • Generator holder
  • Pump holder
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Door welders
  • Compressor holder
  • Bring materials/equipment in general

The slides for cylinder holders, fire extinguisher holders and breathing apparatus holders are supplied with a castle while the others only with the plate support. It is also possible to create slides on specific customer requests. Available on request only the castle as a fixed positioning or slide opening/closing kit for applications on slide bodies.

The most frequent sizes available from stock:

  • 700x470 mm total extraction
  • 750x540 mm total extraction
  • 410x850 mm without frame or frame 6 with full or partial extension
  • 410x540 mm without frame or frame for 4 with full extension

* The dimensions shown refer to the support plate (first dimension on the handle side)


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