Our applicazioni

Aluminium profiles and roller shutters

SRS SHUTTERS is a company specialized in the design, construction and installation of:

  • aluminium profiles for vehicles;
  • vehicle roller shutters made of aluminium;
  • equipment for vehicles;;
  • accessories for industrial vehicles;
  • componenti per allestimento di veicoli speciali.

Roller shutters for vehicles

Our models of roller shutters, known as "Serena shutters," are made using aluminium profiles assembled so as to guarantee maximum weather resistance, easy installation and quiet operation.

Le serrande vengono realizzate su misura, possono avere avvolgimento meccanico o motorizzato, in base alla dimensione richiesta ed alle esigenze presenti.

Discover also the products offered
  • Manual and electric roller shutters
  • Ladders, handrails, hose deviders
  • Locking kit
  • Spare parts and accessories
  • Closing groups
  • Box and shelter
  • Electric rollers, switches and electric lock
  • Finishes